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Farndon’s design team is genuinely passionate about brand design, logo development and application. Click to find out how we could help your brand.
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If your not quite sure where to take your brand next they are always there for advice and can help you get the most out of your brand whether it's a new logo design, branding onto promotional products or even banners or flags they understand what your looking for...


We start each branding project with a strong, strategic approach to ensure that each piece of print work we produce for you is built around a meaningful, representative concept, with the end user always firmly in mind.

Your brand’s logo, colours and typography are the building blocks of your business’s entire personality, so it’s essential that this representation of your brand is consistent whenever someone interacts with your company.


Farndon’s branding services include

Brand Strategy

Business Logo Design

Full brand roll-out

Garment, product & digital printing.


Farndon’s design team is genuinely passionate about brand design, development and application, which has become one of our company’s key strengths.The importance of understanding how a business logo should look and feel shouldn’t be underestimated, and with our extensive industry knowledge, we’ll design a logo you can really be proud of.


Once you’re happy with your design, we have a range of logo printing services to take your branding to the next level.

We can print or embroider your logo onto garments like T-shirts, polos, hoodies or even office uniforms.

You can also advertise your business and its new branding by printing a range of stationery, flags, pop-ups and outdoor banners – all printed and finished in-house to Farndon’s exacting standards.

Interested to see how Farndon’s branding services could boost your business? Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs.